SCAI Polska was founded in 2008 to help Italian companies to explore the opportunities offered by one of the most dynamic markets of the European scene in recent years.

During our activity, we worked mainly in the rail sector, over time we have grown by providing services to companies related to the world of infrastructure, mobility, supporting companies from the ICT and services sectors.

Now we offer companies in every area development services for the business and the application solutions of Gruppo SCAI in Poland, along with related services for their integration into systems.


We work in Poland to help companies in the process of technological innovation by offering the best ICT solutions and supporting Italian companies in the development on the Polish market, with our expertise in the rail sector and beyond.


Your Business in the heart of Europe! SCAI Polska operates in Poland with ethics and professionalism. Towards the new era: a digital innovation and business transformation partner and a reference point for those italian companies who want to invest in Poland.


Our target audience are business companies interested in ICT solutions and their integration in Poland, Italian companies interested in business development in the polish market, companies in the italian and european railway industry that want to grow.


SCAI Polska offers companies:

  1. Innovation Support for business in Poland, thanks to the technology and ICT solutions developed by Gruppo SCAI.

  2. Development Opportunities in Poland for Italian and European companies, through integrated business services: Commercial and Administrative Support, Legal Advice, Partners Research, Tenders and Structural Funds, System Integration.

  3. Support for companies in the railway sector thanks to the experience gained with the main players in the market: highly qualified Consulting TEAM, specific skills stations, participation in international fairs.


The digital revolution is increasingly vital for companies to meet the challenges of the market with innovation and business transformation. To respond quickly with the best ICT solutions, it is essential to have reliable partners.


Poland has long been one of the most important centers of interest for investment in Europe and represents an excellent business opportunity for Italian companies that want to grow. To develop projects abroad is crucial to find a reliable partner on the territory.


SCAI Polska over the years has developed relationships with institutions in the transport sector and the major manufacturers of rolling stock Poland, opening up important partnerships with Italian companies that have achieved important results in Poland.


Our offering is capable of supporting all digital innovation of business companies in Poland. Depending on the objectives and the different needs, SCAI Polska offers companies and organizations from all sectors, the best ICT solutions and technologies needed for the business transformation. Application solutions and Mobile Apps are created with the technological expertise of Gruppo SCAI.
Among them:

REALGIMM is a modular software platform for the complete management of Real Estate that improves process efficiency.

Ne.Mo., Network Monitoring Tool, allows the monitoring of IP networks and web services preventing faults and outages.

Plan&Share is a software solution for business process management that enables the operational management of activities, sharing data and information.

App&GoIn is a mobile App platform that meets the needs of the management of interventions full paperless on the go with tablets and smartphones.


Welcome is a cross-platform Mobile App that allows to manage visitors or guests at events in digitizing business processes via tablet or smartphone.



SCAI Polska provides services that meet the specific needs of companies in all sectors, with a lean, flexible and dynamic structure, through a simple and effective approach aimed at achieving three objectives:

  1. Allowing the customer the implementation of the best ICT solutions, offering integration with enterprise systems in Poland.

  2. Helping companies in the development of the business in Poland.

  3. Developing relationships and business opportunities in the railway sector through commercial arrangements, including with major industry players.


Digital innovation and business transformation have an increasingly important role and it is essential to rely on a trusted partner. SCAI Polska offers the best ICT solutions  in Poland and support in the related system  integration activities.


SCAI Polska offers to Italian companies services in order to break down language barriers and develop the business: translation and interpretation, market and partners research, support for tenders, assistance in start-up for new businesses.


The railway sector is of strategic importance and major investments in Poland are expected to adapt to technological resources and infrastructure. We help companies to develop the business with leading market players.


SCAI Polska participates in important European projects and helps Italian companies to develop the business in Poland. Among the successful cases, the implementation of the software system for the information to the public of the Warsaw Central Station and the participation in a European project to develop a framework for improving efficiency and quality in the product development process (PDP).


SCAI Polska along with AlmavivA, PKP Informatyka and KZŁ Bydgoszcz, has participated in the implementation of the Public Information System for the Warsaw Central Station

Case Study 1


SCAI Polska is partner of international project iProd, a flexible service oriented software framework, to improve the quality of the product development process (PDP)

Case Study 2